[THEQOO] Blackpink Jennie’s face looks a little different today

Blackpink Jennie’s face looks a little different today

This is Blackpink Jennie that I know.
And today Jenny…
Blackpink Jennie entered the country through Seoul International Airport on the afternoon of the 6th after finishing the Chanel show schedule.
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen
Blackpink Jennie, whose face changed a little today.

1. She became a completely different person.

2. The style has changed a lot. I think I was greatly influenced by my hairstyle.

3. What happened in Paris?

4. Jenny became a man in just one day.

5. Why does this keep happening to Seventeen?

6. Jenny also looks good with short hairstyles.

7. How did you become a completely different person? No, I think my gender changed.

8. Jenny’s short hairstyle is also very pretty.

9. Your face looks very different because of your short hair.

10. Is it because the style has changed?

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