Taeyeon reveals the secret to her body like snacking on jellies instead of eating food

Article: Taeyeon's secret to her slim figure is jellies? “I don't eat food but eat jellies instead”

Source: Korean Games by Nate

[+94, -3] Tired of our body awareness society that seems to be suffering from se*rexia

[+43, -2] You can cut someone with that jaw

[+34, -2] I'm sure it's under control but it's very thin.

[+31, -0] Who asks about the secret to a body that looks like an elementary school student? I do..

[+16, -1] He should be more careful with his words, especially because the children will copy him

[+6, -0] Tsk tsk, like this is something to be proud of. The media should not publicize such things. “Secret advice” about a body that barely looks like a body, you've got to be kidding me

[+5, -0] I'm a Taeyeon fan but I don't think putting stuff like this out is good for kids ㅜㅜ I remember when she was on 'Queendom,' all the idols were in awe of her cuteness and the skin. don't be healthy ㅜㅜ I'm sure there are different situations for celebrities but I want kids not to see these things and think they should skip meals and eat only weight loss jellies.

[+4, -0] I noticed when he was at Key's house on 'I Live Alone', he only had four of his friends before he put his plates down ㅋ He's skinny because he doesn't eat.

[+4, -0] You have to eat.. you lose your health in your forties

[+3, -4] Looks like being very white is Taeyeon's personality… She knows she's in a job where looks matter, I'm sure she's taking care of it enough…

[+3, -0] This is really bad…

[+2, -0] Why do SM singers stick to being white? Is it forced by their agency? It seems that no other agency deals with these issues except SM artists, all of them are *rexic skins;;

[+1, -0] I also like jellies but it's a snack, not a meal replacement ㅋ.. Taeyeon-ssi, please don't miss your meals

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