Starship goes all out decor for Ive’s birthday streams

1. Bravo.. We’re very grateful for this.. Now, can you please do a few of those things that make us thankful in the name of Monsta X too

2. Crapship doesn’t do anything special for Monsta X’s birthdays, yet they’re doing all this to honor their girls group, which is a source of irritation for me.

3. What about Monsta X …?

4. Weigh… It’s a crapship Be nice to your male group too.

5. Why can’t Crapship offer any of these with their male group?

6. As an avid Monsta X fan of 6 years, I’ve never witnessed anything like this happen to Monsta X. It doesn’t matter what amount of dollars Monsta X makes for Crapship in the event that they treat them like this?

7. Starship…? Are you sure this is the exact Crapship I’m familiar with What do you think? Why aren’t you doing all of this to Monsta X… Please offer Monsta X exactly the same care..

8. Monsta X is the one who earned all the cash, but the money is being used for Ive? We didn’t buy the CDs to spend like it… the fact is that we purchased the CDs for our own group, to be able to enjoy rewards like this.

9. Monsta X is the one who gave you this money. But has anyone else done something similar to this for birthday celebrations? …? Crapship, please perform your job…

10. Anyone who isn’t a fan knows that Starship has not done anything like this before for Monsta X


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