Japanese man achievse lifelong dream of becoming a dog

 Article: Japanese man achieves dream of becoming a dog

Source: Seoul News via Nate

[+401, -3] Unfortunate that he can’t wag his tail too

[+303, -4] Is he not hot under there?

[+283, -11] That’s a mental illness…

[+18, -2] I remember seeing him on some show a long time ago.. He only wears that costume on his time off. He’s a normal guy with a normal job during the day and only wears his costume at home. I suppose it’s a form of stress relief for him. Much better than people who take their stress out on harming others.

[+13, -0] He really does look like one… and that’s a compliment…

[+12, -3] This is gross to me ㅡㅡ

[+7, -0] That’s quite the dream to have ㅋㅋ

[+7, -0] With how hot it has been lately…

[+7, -0] Sir, you’re going to overheat to death in there

[+7, -2] Mental illness…

[+5, -0] Makes me wonder if this is some pathetic cry for attention…

[+5, -1] Quite the wholesome dream ㅎㅎ

[+5, -0] It’s gross and doesn’t look cute at all

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