Song Ha-yoon denied the bullying rumors.

article: 'Spanking for 90 minutes' Song Ha-yoon denies bullying rumors, “It's not true. OP doesn't know either.”

source: Star News through Nate+Nate

[+109, -2] My ex-lover also appeared as a witness. How can I say I don’t know? Hahahahahahaha

[+60, -0] Whether you admit it or not, your image has been ruined, so why not start by denying it all anyway?

[+44, -0] It's ridiculous that people who have experienced evil are always cast as villains.

[+31, -1] It goes without saying that there is a strange spice to her acting haha.

[+31, -5] Well, no one expects her to come out and say “Yeah, it's true, I'm the school bully” lol.

[+11, -34] Aren’t we supposed to be neutral? There have been so many celebrities involved in bullying scandals that have turned out to be untrue. Just wait for the court to decide.

[+12, -0] I am neutral for now. I'm so sick of random rumors spreading from Pann and the media reporting them incorrectly.

[+7, -0] The fact that I wanted to meet OP means I know who she is.

[+4, -0] She processed that deposit quickly!

[+1, -0] Well, Kim Heera denied it at first, but…

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