Shuhua was captured filming in New Zealand despite the suspension of (G)I-DLE's activities.

article: 'Rest' Shuhua spotted in New Zealand with actor Chen Bolin

source: TV report through Nate

[+63, -0] Will she become like Victoria in a few months or years?

[+57, -1] So, I can't promote in Korea because I'm not feeling well… but I'm doing well in promotions in Taiwan…

[+54, -0] He is the member with the most scandals in the group… so wouldn't it be best to leave the group altogether before distancing himself from him?

[+1, -29] It's unfair to expect people to stay home every day just because they're sick. Don't we all go out and spend time with family and friends even when we're sick?

– [+17, -0] The situation is different. This is like telling your company that you're too sick to work, but then ending up working at a different company the same day. It's not about spending time with someone, it's about working for someone else.

– [+5, -0] That person must be working

– [+5, -0] They say they're filming a Taiwanese variety show over there.

[+0, -0] If you're really filming a variety show, you'll be speechless ㅠㅠ Shuhua couldn't even go to the fan signing event because he was sick ㅠㅠ At first, considering Cube's hard work, I thought taking two weeks off wouldn't be a bad idea. .. Okay, 3 weeks would be fine… but there's no news even after a month… What about our fans? ㅠㅠ I was worried that you were very sick. Are you currently filming in New Zealand? Why don't you apologize to the members and our fans? The other members would also like to rest, but they are busy doing fan signing events and taking short cuts all day… so I have nothing to say ㅠㅠ

[+0, -0] Goodbye, Shuhua

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