William and Bentley's mother has convinced curious netizens that she wants to grow her hair long.

article: What's wrong with William and Bentley's hair? Sam Hammington's wife: “We respect what the kids want”

source: Newsen via Nate

[+111, -6] I will never understand why people criticize the hairstyles of children who do not belong to them.

[+40, -5] No matter how you do your hair, it's cute, but I hope it grows up healthy and kind like this

[+31, -3] ㅋㅋㅋ Our country really cares this much about other families' children's hairstyles.. Why do you care that your hairstyle “covers your appearance”? What does that have to do with your private life?

[+18, -27] The head is a bit weird though

[+9, -8] I think it's pretty haha ​​it looks like an acorn

[+4, -2] Another day, another group of Koreans triggered something.

[+3, -2] Long or short, how does it affect you?

[+1, -0] It's not like mom forces us to have long hair, and if that's what they want, our opinion doesn't matter.

[+1, -0] He's so cute, he looks like a pretty boy haha

[+0, -0] He's so cute lol If I had a son as cute as him, I think I'd let him style his hair however he wants lol Our society tends to stereotype men's styles, which is unfair

[+0, -0] Why, why do you think it's okay to comment on someone who looks like this ㅜㅜ Koreans need to stop judging others' appearances. Just respect each other's differences. I remember when my grandson was growing out his hair, so many people would stop us and ask or ask us to cut it short… It really crossed the line.

[+0, -0] Kids are simple so they don't really care. My kid kept insisting on growing it until I offered him fried chicken to cut his hair, and he agreed lol

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