BoA Responds to Lip Filler Accusations in 'Marrying Her Husband'

Article: BoA responds to hateful comments about her face in “Mars My Husband” “My lips are fine, they're just covered.”

Source: Star News via Nate

[+89, -0] He doesn't get hate because he plays a bad character or because of his appearance, he hates because he acts badly.

[+58, -0] He has a strong mind because all the work that is really visible looks …

[+28, -0] Her face looks so weird now… this is not the 'Stormy Friday' BoA I remember.

[+24, -0] She looks like Harisu now

[+14, -0] And what did you do to your forehead??????

[+2, -0] We all have eyes, you know…

[+1, -0] Everyone can tell that she got lip fillers… no matter how much you deny it ㅋ it looks so unnatural, all I could think of is if her lips…

[+0, -0] His whole face just looked off on the screen…

[+0, -0] I think she's got lip fillers to try to look a little tougher… but as short as she is, that's a tough ask

[+0, -0] Sorry but that doesn't look normal. Take a closer look .. we're not trying to hate, just suggesting that if you get something done, don't do it again.

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