[PANN] Additional video with Karina and Jaewook Lee

Damn my heart is racing

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Article: Additional video with Karina and Jaewook Lee.

One. [+87, -43]
Looking at him like this, he is handsome and pretty… is he handsome too?

2. [+68, -33]
They look good together. don't comment about them

three. [+56, -31]
Wow, why is my heart racing?

4. [+52, -17]
However, if you look at the second gif, you can see Karina talking to the staff, and Jaewook Lee looking at Karina attentively and talking to her. Seriously, he must have fallen in love with her at her Milan show.

5. [+40, -24]
I understand why the article said that the two fell in love at first sight. He's really handsome and pretty. matches

6. [+37, -6]
But… why are there so many comments promoting that boy? It seems like forced word of mouth.
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