[PANN] Isn't I-dle's Soyeon considered pretty?

Why does he get so much hate? She has the prettiest nose after Miyeon.

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Source: Pann / Translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Isn't I-dle's Soyeon considered pretty?

1. [+103, -18]
When she's made up she's charming and looks pretty but I saw her bare face on YouTube Shorts when she was directing Nxde and seriously… I was shocked.
2. [+84, -18]
Pretty, the shape of her face is legendary.
3. [+83, -68]
Jun Soyeon's face was not touched by a knife, so she is considered pretty.
4. [+67, -8]
She's pretty. The inferiority complex here is legendary.
5. [+37, -3]
To be honest, she's not my style but her nose line is crazy.

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