[PANN] Do you think Rosé and Rowoon are close?

This is Rowoon Yeonmo, right? How do they all know each other? If you're not close, wouldn't you just bow your head and say hello? This wouldn't be possible if we weren't close. Blackpink rarely appears on broadcasts, so it's amazing every time I see them up close. I think Jisoo has the most friends in BP because she filmed a lot of dramas. I never thought that Rosé would be close to anyone other than Ashley, Kim Go-eun, and Hyeri.

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Article: Do you think Rosé and Rowoon are close?
One. [+22, 0]
I was talking to Arno. She was born and raised in an English-speaking country, so I envy her to see her speaking English so freely.

2. [+19, 0]
Rosé has a really wide network.
three. [+17, 0]
Rosé already has many connections overseas, but she also has extensive connections in Korea.
4. [+15, 0]
What are you talking about? Rosé has the most connections lol.
5. [+10, 0]
But Rosé has a wide network. Not only is she close to Koreans, she also met foreign pop stars.
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