Gfriend Sowon slapping at male idols

“I also read many reviews (about it) in the present in which I have admitted to lying regarding my height.”

“I’m taller than people who are in front of me.”

“However, everyone.”

“What makes you think I’m the one who is lying?”


“I’m not going to talk about it too much”

“Funny and hilarious.”

1. What is her way of taking the opportunity to poke fun at male idols?

2. Pann girls do the same the same thing with Jang Wonyoung, too. If they’re standing in front of male idols, Pann takes photos to prove they’re in fact in fact 176 or even 180. Do you think they’ve only made the same BS only once or twice?

3. Sowon even proved her size but the media keeps accusing her of lying, and she’s only making a statement her position once? When idols speak about that they’re saying something, you should believe them.

4. She even gave the proof. It’s because of people doing this that she made the statement. The tall may be stressed out when people continue to tell them how tall they are.

“Anyone who was doubting my height, get out and prove me wrong! !”

5. Some are making it appear as if Sowon as well as Jang Wonyoung are in the upper 170’s, but BP’s Rose is in reality 168 however, because she’s taller than other male idols in music shows, they assert that she’s above 170kkk. Rose rarely wears heels on stage , so they aren’t able to make use of her heels as a reason to claim that she’s more than 170. There are even people who claim that she has lowered her height in order to compete with Jennie and Jisoo.


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