[PANN] Today's Ningning Getty Images

Wow, look at Ningning’s Getty Images. I really like the choker + dress set. However, if you don't take a good picture, you may get scolded, but wasn't Ning Ning so kind and pretty? You chose some really good lines.

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Article: Ningning Getty Images of the Day.

One. [+17, -6]
I'd never thought about neck length, but it turns out it's pretty important.

2. [+16, -10]
This is not a hate comment. Seriously, she is the most beautiful in aespa. Her face looks exactly like Jenny's, but with her long neck, I don't think she'll ever be the best… It's such a shame.

three. [+12, 0]
Celebrities must have good proportions.

4. [+9, -2]
It feels like my face is glued to my shoulder.

5. [+8, -5]
The choker looks really bad on the neck.
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