Other than BTS and BLACKPINK who are the top idols across the US?

Which are your most adored models across the US?

With the exception of BTS as well as BLACKPINK.

1. I believe the reason is Stray Kids along with ATEEZ.

2. TWICE is so well-known in the US nowadays. Additionally, I don’t have any other other artists that aren’t BTS as well as BLACKPINK.

3. Stray Kids? They landed at number one on the Billboard 200 this time.

4. TWICE AND Stray Kids.

5. TWICE seems to be receiving more and more attention in the US.

6. I have no idea who is more famous then BTS or BLACKPINK.

7. Americans do not like K-pop. They prefer BTS.

8. Are BLACKPINK very popular across the US?

9. BTS is a huge success and BLACKPINK is also very popular The other groups aren’t well-known across the US.

10. K-pop isn’t well-known within The US.. It is the only place where those who are fans of K-pop have heard of K-pop bands. BTS is an one exception. They’re loved by the American public. the US.


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