Netizens share their contemplations after watching STAYC Seeun’s video blog

I’m watching STAYC Seeun’s video blog

I truly feel she resembles a colleague, so new and adorable.

1. [+59, – 95] Genuinely, isn’t her face the prettiest among the fourth-era female artists?

2. [+43, – 5] Her energetic magnificence around the same time. After school, she did the timetable

3. [+22, – 2] Yet she’s so f*cking pretty…

4. [+21, – 4] She’s so really good even in the graduation photograph ㅠㅠ

5. [+20, – 1] The thumbnail of that video ㅜㅠ It’s nearly her uncovered face, yet she’s so beautiful, she is a human peach.

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