Netizen blogs are shocked to see Kang Dong Won and BTS V’s photos

2 photos from Kang Dong Won and BTS V.

1. The aura of Kang Dong Woon… His proportions are truly amazing.

2. It’s true, I’m shocked by this because it’s an idea I’ve never thought of before.

3. The two have similar clothing. It’s as if they’re from an classic Hong Kong drama.

4. Kang Dong Won is so beautiful. I’m not the only one who is growing old.

5. Hul, it’s an unorthodox combination.

6. What a stunning sight… Kang Dong Won is seriously gorgeous.

7. Wow! V is truly stunning I admire him.

8. Amazing… The Kang Dong Woon’s proportions are incredible.

9. Who cut Kim Taehyung’s hair? Let’s fight, I’m so angry.

10. Wow, V’s facial features are very clear. He’s also so attractive.

11. They are gorgeous.

12. How did they get together? It’s a bizarre pairing.


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