Ahn Sung Il sent an accusation to hinder and harass

Article: “Admit to criminal charges” Ahn Sung Il sent the accusation over the Fifty block

Source: Munhwa Ilbo by Nate

[+262] And what about that TV show ‘Questions Wanted’ that favored this guy?

– [+49] Yeah, PD officials should also request an investigation. It attracts because of the infamy and the obstruction of business to claim them.

[+83] At this point it will be impossible to recover some members of his life because they are accomplices

[+62] I read that they deleted the relevant files and that the email address was deleted. Just a PSA to everyone, if you quit your job, you can’t just go and delete everything you were working on. Just because you worked on it doesn’t mean it still doesn’t fit the company. So you will end up a man.

[+44] Why is there nothing in the ‘Questions not told’?

[+4] I am a fool for believing you ~~

[+3] They did not answer the questions that they would do the things that follow, where is it?

[+0] It’s strange how I don’t remember his songs anymore, when I used to listen to him every day before their scandal.

[+0] Sue ‘Unspeakable Questions’ for publishing falsehoods on their show!

[+0] Why did the research take so long?

[+0] What a disgrace. He lived such an easy life after rolling so many teams.

[+0] He didn’t even do this for the first time. He could get away with it for so long because he was never punished. I pray that he finally gets what is due.

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