Lee Jang Woo is dating actress Jo Hye Won

Article: Lee Jang Woo is dating Jo Hye Won, an actress 8 years his senior… “met at work”

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+419] Looks like he ate enough for both of them ㅋㅋㅋ

[+424] His girlfriend seems far removed from his love of palm oil
– [+5] Perhaps he is attracted to those who are opposite him

[+321] His girlfriend looks very pretty

[+148] I can’t believe how clueless people are with all this talk about her looks just her hair;; If you go to her Instagram, you can see pictures of when she had long hair, and she was pretty cute then. Please clean your words before making comments!!

[+117] Aigoo, what a surprise.. I looked at the picture and thought she was dating a man ㅋㅋ

[+77] I thought it was a person;;

[+65] She has a similar image to that lady from ‘Squid Game’ ^^

[+45] ‘I Live Alone’ will be good next week ㅋ

[+9] Is Lee Jang Woo gay?

[+4] They have very different vibes. One side looks like a romcom actor, and the other side looks like an action noir actor. It’s a refreshing combination.

[+2] The woman is very beautiful

[+2] It fits perfectly ❤️

[+2] Wow, his girlfriend is very pretty and beautiful

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