Put together the pieces of Lee Sun Gyun's scheme

Article: [Exclusive] “Katalks deceive two women” is the secret plan behind Lee Sun Gyun's scandal

Source: Posted by Nate

[+403, -42] So if all these things “misled” him as a victim, does that mean he never went to these rooms? He never went to madame's house? He lied when he said he took something in his nose?? Do you really want us to believe that he was completely misled by these texts and taken to the living room against his will?

– [+215, -28] Yes, someone must have scared him to go to these rooms otherwise ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he was also forced to say to the lady “You know I like you a lot, right?” ㅠ

– [+173, -17] What other decision is there for a married man to be with a roommate?

[+256, -23] Dispatch is still trying to paint Lee Sun Gyun as a sick victim of all this and never forget that he is a consumer. If he didn't do this issue, he would be alive now, tsk tsk.

[+219, -20] I don't know what this is or what's going on…gasp…I just feel bad for him.

[+157, -14] The casting is very funny. What's the point of going through all this when he's already dead?? Where was all this while he was still around ㅋㅋ

[+38, -0] He should never be involved with these women in the first place, especially a married man with kids… tsk tsk

[+31, -0] Dispatch is trying to make it look like he was kidnapped, forced into a room, and forced to inject drugs into his own heart ㅋ

[+20, -0] Yeah, sure, but let's start with what made him freak out in the first place?

[+18, -0] Why did he pay 300 million won? If it has nothing to do with drugs, is he just afraid to reveal it to the media because of the fraud?

[+17, -0] It's a long story, but for what? What else is in this?

[+15, -0] So Dispatch, how do you explain why he went to that madame's house??? Someone held a knife to her throat and told her to say “I love you”???

[+15, -1] There is no reason for him to be intimate with a woman

[+14, -0] Enough. If you really care about the dead, you will stop bringing all these stories about drugs, salons, the woman. We are not fools. We know that this story cannot be replaced by something that encouraged him, that he suffered …

[+9, -0] He wouldn't have known who these people were if he hadn't been to those places in the first place

[+9, -0] What happens to this after he dies? The fact remains that he was in these salons, he was in the lady's house. None of this would have happened if he hadn't decided to go there.

[+7, -0] Whether it's two women making threats, or three… what happens if there's a record of a phone call he made? did he like her and was in and out of her house? Please stop…

[+6, -0] The first mistake in this whole mess is a groom and his family going to a guest room

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