[INSTIZ] Honestly, I think Taeyeon will do better if she leaves SM.

Not to be a troll, but even with group activities, SM seems to only invest in boy groups, so their albums always seem to be delayed. And this isn't the first or second time fans have been upset about this.
I've never felt like the company put so much pressure on her every time she released a solo.

Even on YouTube, there was no one at the company willing to do it, so he opened Taenggu TV on his own and the number of followers exceeded 1 million. She also records her own Vlogs and hires her editor to edit her videos.

All of his videos have over 100,000 views, but people rarely use his channel, making them wonder if he has contract issues with the company.

After some time, I created an official YouTube account for him again, but I couldn't even find anything similar to his self-content. Fans sent me a truckload recently, and I pretended to create content to silence them.

However, if you look closely at their self-content, you will often find that they do not use their budget to create new content, but instead take out extra cameras when recording or filming, take pictures of the same event, crop them, and send them.

And that doesn't mean the company will keep that money to invest in physical albums. I don't think I spent a lot of money on the filming set when filming the music video. Even compared to small and medium-sized businesses, they don't seem to be spending any money.

People who don't know anything always talk about the 'taste of a large company', but I never got the feeling that Taeyeon received support from a large company.

Taeyeon quietly prepared her album and concert and worked without much support from the company. But that alone made her one of SM's most influential figures.

At this point, it appears that the company is actually preventing Taeyeon from reaching her full potential.

I think Taeyeon would have been much more successful if she had left SM and gone to a small business that promotes singer activities.

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Honestly, I think Taeyeon will do better if she leaves SM.
1. Although Sm is perfect for her.

2. Taeyeon… I think everyone knows that the company is putting pressure on her, but they still think she's not good enough just because she's a fan.
> Me too… I feel like I'm already pushing too hard.

3. Huh? I feel pressured, and the album quality always seems to be good…? I know how it feels because I was a small business idol fan. If she actually decides to go with a smaller company, know that you still won't be satisfied.

4. Personally, if there is someone who should remain in SM, I think I would pick Taeyeon.

5. SM is perfect for her. She can do whatever she wants on SM, she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to.

6. Because SM understands that it is better for Taeyeon to stay in that position than anyone else. Although I don't entirely agree with her SM is pushing her so well.

7. I can't say anything because I'm not a fan, but I think the INVU MV came out really well.

8. They support Taeyeon really well hahaha And it is a much wiser decision for Taeyeon to stay at SM.

9. I’m not pushing at all lol. What kind of pushing?

10. But you don’t push it that much? A company that promotes you well will at least start sending you on international trips.
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