G-Dragon celebrates March 1st through SNS

article: G-Dragon commemorates March 1st this year on social media

source: Joy News 24 via Nate

[+103, -17] It's surprising that they did something like this because they have so many Japanese fans. Based on how well he handled his last scandal, he decided to set an example.

[+89, -13] It's much better than other idols who don't say anything for fear of losing their Japanese fans.

[+42, -10] He's a really great guy, really.

[+30, -2] Long live Korean independence

[+13, -7] he is so amazing

[+1, -0] Celebrities who remain silent because of that Japanese money should reflect on themselves.

[+1, -0] He's the best at this

[+0, -0] It's a shame that some people are too self-conscious to post this.

[+0, -0] This is real swag~

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