BTS Suga is a hot topic on netizen blogs with the photo of him wearing Hanbok

BTS Suga updates Instagram (Hanbok)

1. The hanbok is so beautiful, it’s nice just to listen to Daechwita every once in a while

2. Do you think I am the only one to have become an ARMY after listening?

3. Although I am not a big fan of Daechwita, the music video for her song “Daechwita” is amazing.

4. Hanbok is so good for him

5. BTS is not my favorite and I don’t know why he took that photo. However, I do hope BTS does the right thing. BTS members are great guys.

6. Although I am a Muggle, I’m proud of the work that BTS has done for Korea. BTS in Hanbok is my favorite.

7. Although I am not a fan of the product, I want to thank you for your support.

8. Although I don’t like Daechwita, I do enjoy Daechwitas MV. Daechwita is perfect for Hanbok promotion.

9. Hanbok is so beautiful and suits him perfectly

10. Hanbok belongs to all of us. It is a good thing that all members of BTS are Korean.


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