Aren’t Jung Haein & Jisoo too close?

Even I feel heart flutters

You should also consider the differences in their body frames. Even without the bag the difference is amazing.

This is how they looked to me.

They are being compared to Son Yejinkkk and Hyunbin by foreign children. They say they have similar vibes. It seems like they would like it if the two of them date.

Editing is a skill that foreign children excel at

When will these two get together?

1. Jung Haein’s eyes while looking at Jisoo

2. Is it possible that their fans are deliberately shipping them together. They have no control over the trolls.

3. Also, the scene in which Jung Haein was styling Jisoo’s hair and where she reached up to his shoulders to get up

4. Jung Haein and Jisoo shared a paper airplane on Jisoo’s birthday. Is there a meaning to it?

5. Although the photos they shared on Instagram look like promotional images, I suspect something is amiss with the photo he posted on Jisoo’s birthday.

6. Jung Haein has been a while since I liked him and I have seen most of his promotional material for his works, his making-of’s, and interviews… but this time he gives off a very different vibe. Jung Haein is posting so many details about his partner that it’s actually my first time seeing them tag each other.

7. It’s all business, I believe.


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