Any NCT ​​127 songs that you remember from 2021?

The only real male idol song in Top 120 Melon within 2021 is actually ‘Butter’ by BTS

1. I fully understand there is a group known as NCT, though I noticed they’ve a great deal of units… I do not know NCT 127‘s song, and also I have not heard of them

2. I know only Sticker, I do not know Favorite along with Lemonade

3. I do not know a single thing, being truthful, I do not have any idea what the big difference is involving 127 and Dream;;

4. Actually no, just about all I am aware may be the team name

5. I know that every aspect, I love NCT’s songsㅋㅋ

6. I have heard about the team name as a result of their fans’ controversies, though it is NCT, not NCT 127. Is the fact that their entire title?

7. I do not know, I do not listen to a lot of songs, I just understand that; they have well known songs

8. I just know Sticker due to Lee Soo Man‘s marketing video

9. I know every thing, but is not Lemonade a b side song??

10. I know that BTS ‘Butter‘, though I do not comprehend any of the songs by NCT


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