Dance performance video was posted on G-Dragon’s Instagram

1. If you’re planning to share something similar to this, don’t modify it to make it look like crap, just post your original footage!

2. The filtering and effect systems are old-fashioned.

3. But I’m not able to look at his dance.

4. I’m not a fan of the idol group choreography and I’m of the opinion that G-Dragon’s choreography is one of the most complex by my standards.

5. He is a good dancer But what’s wrong with his editing?

6. He dances beautifully. Looks so soft

7. I’m unable to see his dance due to the filter.

8. Do you really believe the dancer is skilled?

9. I was watching this and I thought that he had posted an older video.

10. It would be best for him to leave out any effects.

11. He dances still well.


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