Winter’s fancam sees 8 m views

1. However, today, if you look at the amount of excitement Winter generates, you’ll be able to understand the reason. If you scroll down the Shorts you will see that it’s Winter.

2. If you look at how only Winter’s video gets the attention it deserves, I doubt that it’s SM’s fault, instead the fans who helped to promote the video. However, before fans started streaming the video, she received 1 million views in just one day, and within 5 to 6 days, she racked up six million viewers. The views are growing at an alarming rate, even if you’re going to blame it on promotion or anything else, but other idols are making use of promotional strategies, but they’re not even near to the 8 million Winter views. If all of these views were because of the video being advertised, then all videos are likely to get as high as eight million viewers. In any case, before even that, the video was already receiving a huge number of views. So the claim that it was due to promotion won’t be effective.

3. Although you may claim it was made popular, these claims only were made yesterday evening when views were already at 7 million. So the people who promoted it were late. Even without it her endorsement, her views were very high.

4. I’m not certain if the video was promoted, but should it have it already received a lot of views prior to the announcement. It appears that since the video performed so well and the fans are now promoting it too late to increase number of views? If they wanted to advertise her video, they’d have done it for everyone before. Why would they want to highlight Winter’s video if all GOT members are from SM? Probably because Winter’s views are so fucked well and they’re promoting it to get more views.

5. It is the 2nd highest fancam that has fan entries for female idols. Congrats! congrats!


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