[THEQOO] Reseraphim takes legal action against malicious comments


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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Le Seraphim takes legal action against malicious comments.

1. Malicious comments are very serious these days.
2. Please sue the haters. i support them

3. Are there any other malicious comments other than saying you can’t sing?

4. The malicious comments about Le Seraphim are so severe these days…
5. While reading the comments about Eunchae, I was shocked and felt like everything was being said that could not be said.

6. Why is Eunchae so criticized?

7. There are a lot of sexual harassment comments on YouTube. Let's sue everyone
8. It’s a disaster. Everyone must be arrested.

9. Too many comments were posted and deleted. I hope they get sued.

10. Report all malicious comments.
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