Bese Jieun cries after breaking up with boyfriend Park We

Article: Song Jieun cries over being separated from Park We, “You must really love me, huh?”

Source: Chosun Games by Nate + Nate

[+65, -15] Please…

[+50, -3] I found them interesting at first, but it's just all that feels lately.

[+49, -7] They both seem to love the fact that they love each other

[+42, -3] So the media goes on a non-existent issue. Their video isn't a problem but they cut the footage out of it to make it look like that.

[+31, -11] They have too many things to do

[+29, -2] I cry and everything but… why do you laugh yourself to cry.. it's so sad ㅜ

[+22, -12] What has happened to them

[+10, -2] Sigh

[+9, -2] YouTube makes everything seem…unreal

[+4, -0] Sometimes you have too much to do. Everything in moderation, please. It doesn't stop when you can't seem to control yourself like this.

[+4, -0] Platonic, religious love

[+3, -0] Jieun-ah, you will regret this when you look back later. Wake me up.

[+3, -0] In vain;; what happened to you~~;;;;

[+3, -0] I guess I'm not the only one who thinks they do too much…

[+2, -0] I love them as a couple and wish them the best but I can't help but feel how much they do for their videos…

[+2, -1] Is this their first relationship or something?

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