[THEQOO] It was Han So-hee's agency that persuaded her to delete the Nicole Kidman meme on the 31st.

On the 31st, Han So-hee deleted the Nicole Kidman meme representing Han So-hee's wishes after being persuaded by her agency. Online community reactions are also dominated by comments such as ‘Han Sohee, let’s stop now.’ Han So-hee is in her downturn. “Now she has to learn to communicate rationally again.”
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

On the 31st, it was Han So-hee's agency that persuaded the Nicole Kidman meme to be deleted.
1. Company: Sohee, please don’t act like this. I don't think any of this is good (please convince me with words) Let's get rid of this… please…

2. She is 30 years old….
3. Why is this so fun?…
4. “Han So-hee’s aspirations” hahahahahahahahahaha
5. I’m not even a woman…….
6. “Aspirations”…………
7. Cheer up, company employees…..
8. Persuasion from the
9. Does the company provide childcare services?
10. Actually, it’s both very funny and sad haha.
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