Food that you and your family enjoy, but not you


Gobchang (tripe)


Marinated crab (soy sauce/yang nyeom, etc.)

Although I don’t enjoy all of them, my family and friends enjoy at least one. Communities and broadcasts often mention them.

1. Apart from malatang I love everything

2. I dislike macaronsyuyu, but I love everything else.

3. I love macarons, marinated crab and marinated shrimp.

4. Marinated crab is my favorite thing about me

5. Tripes are not something I really dislike, but I don’t like the other types.

6. You are me

7. Tripes are my favorite food

8. None of these are my favorites

9. Macarons are my favorite.

10. Malatang has been tried many times, but I still don’t like it.


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