[THEQOO] Idol who regrets debuting with his stage name

– “If your stage name wasn't Yoon?”
– Honestly when I debuted, I regretted it a little.
– I thought: “Ah, should I have debuted using my real name…?”
– But I feel that the name “Yoon” is closer to what the company wanted as an image for me.

Stay C Yoon
Real name: Shim Jayoon
Stage name: Yoon

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Source: theqoo / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Idol who regrets debuting with his stage name.

1. But his real name is unique and nice.

2. She should have kept it

3. Yoon is prettier

4. Yoon is also very difficult to search for.

5. I prefer Yoon

7. Jayoon is also very pretty and is not tacky.

8. Honestly, I feel like Jayoon is a bit vulgar ㅠ

9. Jayoon suits him very well.

10. Instead of feeling tacky, Jayoon sounds like those top female names in sageuks.
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