[THEQOO] Chanel seems to have taken full advantage of New Jeans Minji’s strengths.

She is said to have served as the official ambassador for three Chanel departments, including beauty, fashion, watches, and jewelry.
This is the first time for Chanel Korea.
If you look at a photo or photo album,
I think it fits perfectly with the image Chanel is pursuing.

Seriously, seeing Minji taking pictures of her face like that always makes me wonder if she's actually a Minji fan.

Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Chanel’s use of New Jeans Minji stands out.

1. Minji’s face says it all…
2. It’s definitely Chanel’s aesthetic.
3. It's so pretty… I would appreciate it too
4. She deserves it… I don't really like New Jeans, but every time I see Minzy wearing Chanel on TV, I've seen all the commercials and she's really pretty haha.
5. She is not only pretty, but also has the aura of Chanel.
6. She adapts to her image.
7. Please take a lot of pictures.
8. Chanel's representative image is the tweed suit, and it looks good on it.
9. It has a classic and luxurious feel, but also has an attractive and lively feel.
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