BTS V’s Instagram update with a Self Composed Song

Self-composed song upload before.


1. It’s so good, I want to go back and listen to it a hundred times ㅠㅠ I love you Kim Taehyung ㅠㅠ

2. The song is good ㅠㅠ I think V is very diligent

3. Ah… I like the song so much it’s crazy ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. That face, that voice and even the emotions.. ㅠㅠ The song is so good, it’s so beautiful ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. His voice is so good…

6. Kim Taehyung’s emotions… his voice… so good 

7. I love you taehyung 

8. V’s voice is a real treasure, the song is really good too

9. Give me the full song ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

10. All of the self-composed songs are fits with my taste, I really like the voice and the style of the song

11. I’m listening to the song in the video below,  I’m so excited that I just want to go out at night and run forever hahahaha

12. Please officially release the song ㅠㅠ I especially want to listen at Youtube.

13. Woah, I really like the song ㅠㅠ Even his voice is insane ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

14. The song he sang while driving was really good… I listen to it and it doesn’t leave my head. The music with Kim Taehyung’s voice are really perfect.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Please release it, please.


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