[PANN] Wow, I thought I couldn't contact Ryu Jun-yeol, but he was right next to me.

– Wasn’t Sohee Han next to you when she wrote the blog post?;;
>This is the most creepy part.
>He was probably training next to me. But Sohee Han answered instead. Since she mentions Jun's breakup, it's clear that the person who told her about it was Ryu Jun-yeol. Sincerely, he used Han So-hee as a shield and made excuses for her while making transit love.

Haha, so I used Han So-hee as the speaker.
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Wow, I thought I couldn't contact Ryu Jun-yeol, but he was right next to me.
One. [+292, -4]
This doesn't make sense… Why would he use a woman much younger than himself as a shield? sincerely…?
2. [+263, -3]
Wow, I would have never imagined that Hyeri would expose herself, but the legend is that she tried to sneak away by lying using the other woman as a shield.
three. [+242, -3]
It's annoying haha. His face is just as disgusting as his personality.
4. [+234, -13]
Whether he did or not, he sucks as a person. Ryu Jun-yeol was right next to Han So-hee, watching her IG story. There's no way that person wouldn't know. And there's no way he wasn't aware of all the feedback they were getting in real time. The fact that he knew ~everything~ and just stood there watching is nonsense. He is the one who does not contact Hye-ri until the end and tries to keep her back while she is dating someone new. Hye-ri and she have been dating for 7 years. Can't we just tell Han So-hee to stop what she's doing? Han So-hee wasn't 'good at acting' either, but she seemed like she was still in puberty. I hope I wake up quickly haha
5. [+211, -3]
What a coward! Despite this, he still keeps the Ilbe controversy aside.
(T/n: He basically posted a picture of the late Roh Moo-hyun climbing the cliff that looks like he committed s* and Ilbe users love cliff-related jokes/puns to make fun of the late Roh Moo-hyun)
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