NCT 127’s Daesang at Seoul Music Awards is arguable right now

NCT 127

Not BTS, who’s #1 album and #7 digital

Not IU, who’s #1 digital

It is actually NCT 127 (#5 on Hanteo’s yearly chart / did not get into the yearly electronic chart)

2013: EXO (Growl)
2014: EXO (Overdose)
2015: EXO (Call Me Baby)
2016: EXO (EX’ACT)
2017: BTS (Love Your Self’ The’) of her
2018: BTS (Love Your Self’ Tear’)
Digital: Taeyeon (Four Season)
2020: BTS (MAP Of the SOUL: 7)
2021: NCT 127 (Sticker)

1. What???? I do not have in mind any of the songs of theirs

2. What’s the common? This’s ridiculous

3. For serious, I believe it will have been better in case they gave it to Aespa or Taeyeon

4. NCT Dream is much better compared to NCT 127. I really do not realize the standards of theirs. BTS must received it

5. Does any individual right here know that song?

6. I have never paid attention to any of the songs beforeā€¦ They do not sell albums much better compared to BTS, and they do not do much better compared to IU either

7. I do not know any of their members or songs

8. They have to replace the name of its to SM Music Awards

9. Shameless

10. They did not wish to notice BTS surpass EXO’s record once again, therefore they had been made to alter it?


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