Song Ha-yoon's side confirms transfer, continues to deny allegations of bullying

article: Song Ha-yoon's side “It is true that she transferred schools after high school… but the bullying rumors are not true, and we plan to take legal action.”

source: Everyday economy through Nate

[+2,006, -14] Changing schools because of bullying… that's crazy. Anyone who has been to school knows what that means. Forced transfer is basically the same as expulsion, which is what kept even the most difficult students in school 20 years ago. This is because the teachers thought it would be better to beat them into submission than to expel them. In a time when forced transfers were not common, being forced to transfer again was just… no need to say more.

[+753, -9] Beating someone for over an hour and a half… is not only unforgettable for the victim, but I think it's also unforgettable for the person who committed the crime. And I was forced to transfer schools three times. How can you commit the worst school violence and claim you don't remember it? Admit your mistake right now and stop watching TV for the rest of your life.

[+556, -4] Wow, a moment of downfall… This is our new world where your past can come back to you in an instant. A reminder for all of us to live a kind life… you never know what will bite you…

[+410, -10] As always, the victim remembers this pain to the grave, but the perpetrator claims to have forgotten everything.

[+403, -12] Will all of this be resolved if the reason for the transfer is revealed?

[+304, -0] He was born in 1986, so he was my age… At that time, he was a miracle of our time;;; She was pretty bad. Even if they beat her hard enough to break her bones, the school would rather give her an apprenticeship than force her to transfer. The student had to do something incredibly cruel to get her transfer on record. Now, people in their 40s will know what I mean. It wasn't a big deal since fights happened frequently, so the fact that the transfer happened outside of school means she must have been part of a group activity that bullied someone to the brink of her death. I hope it's not true, but if it is, she's the devil.

[+103, -1] Song Ha-yoon in 1986… Our generation's forced transfer, well… I don't think there's any need to say more since we all know what it was like back then…

[+79, -1] Thugs must die, buddy. That trauma lasts a lifetime.

[+74, -2] She transferred to a school in the same area as another school, so she wouldn't have been able to move here. Are you curious as to why she transferred?

[+59, -0] There seems to be a new standard that harassment is no longer welcome in the entertainment or public interest sectors.

[+52, -1] Then why did you transfer? Any reason? lol

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