Yulhee has posted some details about her life after divorce

Article: Yulhee's quiet life since her divorce… like an average 26-year-old

Source: Herald Pop via Nate

[+42, -2] Are you happy now?

– [+15, -2] I think he can now focus on himself instead of watching his children. Just playing with them on weekends and stuff like that ㅠㅠ I don't know how he can leave them

– [+7, -2] It's the same… I don't know if I can focus on anything that interests me because I will miss my kids so much.

[+27, -1] I believe she will get married and have more children soon ㅎㅎ

[+20, -2] He already did it, didn't he

[+14, -2] What is he doing with his life?

[+8, -1] Wow, this is what crazy thinking is all about

[+5, -1] It does not mean that he should live the life of a crime in secret but he should avoid the light for the sake of his children.

[+4, -0] His poor children have to grow up without their mother.. but now he is talking about freedom and other things. Isn't he sad??? Is this really the time to post selfies???

[+3, -0] Surely she is sending enough childcare for all three children?

[+1, -0] I think Choi Minhwan did the right thing to release him, he should have done it sooner

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