[THEQOO] AESPA Episode #3[aespa came back home]

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: aespa Episode #3[aespa came back home]
– This is fun. Please give me more.

-This is really good!

-Sounds fun hahaha

-It’s fun. Cheer up. By the way, isn’t Karina so cute? Haha.

-'Atypical family'

– Haha what is this? So beautiful

-Wow, are you connecting the plot?

-Ningning is so cute

-Everyone has psychosis lol What is the song that plays at the end? great

-Why is Karina so cute lol?

-I think the song is good.

-Very good job. The kids are all so cute haha.

-Wow the concept is crazy haha.

-The Espa video is really well made.

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