'Squid Game' actor Oh Young Soo's grandfather cries age vilification as prosecutors ask for a one-year prison sentence

Article: Prosecutors want a one-year prison sentence for 'Gganbu grandpa' on rape charge “It was a horrible end to my life”

Source: Star in the Sun by Nate

[+53, -7] These stories should not leave out the fact that he followed the victim into his house and forced him to kiss and hug her.

– [+2] He dug his own grave in his old age~~

– [+2] I have seen it in the article now, hul is a makjang

– [+1] Our gganbu~ ㅎㅎㅎ maybe he saw that woman as his gganbu too

– [+2, -2] This is why I know that it is different that the victim is being charged now when it happened 8 years ago. He has no testimony, and this court is proceeding only on his testimony.

[+30, -17] It happened in the summer of 2017, how strange that the victim decided to file his claim in December of 2021, when he became famous from the 'Squid Game'???? What was he doing for four years before that? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Also, there is no proof of anything because it happened four years ago. All this is purely based on his testimony ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ is this a joke? It's obvious that he's posting because he thinks he can make money out of it.

– [+3, -1] Hul, I didn't know it happened in 2017 and he has no proof

– [+4, -6] See yourself trying hard to turn a victim into a kkotbaem

– [+11, -8] I know that Oh Young Soo-nim created a good image that people like, but the victim can also deal with the pain himself in these years and now face seeing him on the TV when it became popular and decided to have a trial at the end… Four years is not a very long time. And if money was what he was looking for, I feel like he contacted himself in the first place. Instead, he went straight to court, where I think he's dealing with his own inner pain ㅠㅠ….

[+23, -1] Gramps… even if your words are 100% true… no woman in this world would like you to follow her around and hold her hand like that. You are the one who destroys your own parentage…

[+8, -3] Man, what a healthy old man, am I right?

[+5, -0] We are all dead at this rate~

[+0, -0] It's so sad and hard to believe… I felt so much respect for his passion for work when I saw him on 'Yoo Quiz'

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