[THEQOO] IU Concert Newjin Guest Stage Real-Time Revealed

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: New Jeans' guest performance was captured in real time at IU's concert.

1. I must see New Jeans Live

2. I like the same words every time I hear them.

3. Wow Hyein is so cool

4. Can you add Hyein’s song to Shhh?…ㅠ

“Hyein singing to Shh”

“New Jeans sings shhh so well”

6. Hyein and Hani's voices are so good that they can definitely sing live, and their skills are truly outstanding.

7. Hyein and Hani are so good without any ups and downs.

8. Wow, Hyein’s concert is so good. Although she’s still young, it’s great to see her so confident in her live performances haha.

9. Hyein’s live performance is so stable that her vocals are the best in the group.

10. I always knew that Hani was good, but Hyein's life is also very stable, so it's pretty good.
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