[STATION : NCTLAB] Mark ‘Child’ Music Video

1. Mark-yah, I’m literally in tears… The track is just so great.

2. I’m not sure if I know Mark but his image as a solo artist is quite different from what I used to be familiar with and this is a surprise. He sings beautifully with great lyrics. The lyrics as well as the the song are both great. That’s the definition of a great solo. I’m jealous of SM fans who have discovered his surprising charms during his activities with the group!

3. I’m eager to see his solo work in the near future! Mark is the only one in SM who can do singing. Thanks for the great music!

4. I love the way the beginning and the latter portion of the song differ

5. There’s nothing Mark can’t accomplish… and the track is great

6. I truly am in love with you..

7. I like the fact that the song is very Mark-like. Mark Thank you for sharing your story.

8. The song is fantastic..;

9. Absolutely good (VeVsh)

10. The song is really good. There’s fewer rap parts than I expected.

11. You’ve grown up very well…

12. The song, rap and the lyrics are all great and emotional. Mark is a credit to Mark. Mark-yah , you did a great job.


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