[INSTIZ] Jang Da-ah's face boiling with anger

She's very pretty haha ​​and her acting is good haha.

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Jang Da-ah’s face is boiling with anger.

1. A truly angry face is prettier…

2. She personifies Baek Harin

3. Oh, you’re so good at acting.

4. It’s much better to see a gif than a real photo.

5. She’s so charming… and her aura is the best…

6. You know how to move your facial muscles well haha.

7. I was surprised by his acting in that part.

8. It fits Baek Harin like a glove.

9. Cool tones seem to fit the family atmosphere, so I adapt to them.

10. The face shape is so attractive haha. It looks classy.
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