[INSTIZ] Karina❤️ Lee Jae-wook presents couple items

Karina showed her affection for Lee Jae-wook by wearing sunglasses.

On the 19th, Karina released several photos with the message, “I like Bangkok a lot.”
In the published photo, Karina is wearing white frame sunglasses and posing in Bangkok.
In response, netizens shared a post posted by Lee Jae-wook last year and claimed that it was a 'couple article.'

In the photo Jaewook Lee posted on his SNS at the time, he is seen wearing sunglasses similar to Karina's with a swimming pool in the background.

Netizens calmly acknowledge their relationship and show their support for the couple by proudly showing off couple items.

Meanwhile, Karina began a public relationship with actor Lee Jae-wook on the 27th of last month.

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Karina❤️ Lee Jae-wook is releasing a couple article.

1. You sound like a stalker…
2. Phew, no matter what happens, trash reporters are the worst.

3. Stop now… In fact, it would be very difficult to bring out this and that and compare them.

4. If it had been last year, I wouldn’t have been in a relationship. I feel like I'm trying to pick something.
5. Are you kidding? last year?
6. It's not even the same product… Karina's sunglasses are a new product released in 2014, and Jaewook Lee's photo is from last year.
7. Why is this like this?

8. Looks like those RPS writers hahahaha

9. Oh no, just leave it alone
10. This is a photo of a one year old trash reporter.
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