Are there any views for advertising? Netizens talking about IVE “LOVE DIVE” music video that has surpassed 50 million views within 6 days

IVE “LOVE DIVE” MV has surpassed 50 million views within six days of its launch.

The song’s debut “Eleven” took 26 days before it reached 50 million views. It today, it has more than 100 million views

1. The music video isn’t too bad, however the song is addicting, the songs of IVE are amazing

2. The reactions of the foreign fan base are very positive Kep1er, kkkkk IVE, NMIXX. These three new girl groups are receiving many positive responses lately, and even from foreign fans.

3. Are there any views for ads ? ?

4. I’m a big fan of another artist, yet I really like the song. is addicting, which is why that’s why I listen all throughout the day.

5. Ad views? How do you know ?.. I am a huge fan of this song, and I go through it every single day during the day. I particularly like the choreography.

6. The song is excellent and the concept excellent too.

7. They also ran advertisements ..?? However, other than that the song is great, I’m listening to it all day long.

8. I’m not sure about the ad but, first I listen to it frequently. I really enjoy this song.

9. You’re not, so why do you compare them to BIGBANG? Aren’t they the most popular group following BTS currently? IVE is doing very well.

10. They have more than 50 million views and just 1.06 million of them have been liked. Simply by studying this data, you will be able to see how many ads they have received.


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